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Our vocation as disciples of Jesus Christ, and as true sons of St. Francis, we strive both individually and communally to become authentic men of prayer.  Prayer is the very heart of our way of life. Through personal and liturgical prayer, recitation of the Divine Office, daily Eucharistic adoration, and the rosary recited in common, all our of offerings and work aim for a intimate union with God.


 “The call to holiness is accepted and can be cultivated only in the silence of adoration, before the infinite transcendence of God.” Pope John Paul II, Vita Consecrata


St. Pio Friary: Prepare for Soup Kitchen

St. Fidelis Friary: Prepare for Soup Kitchen

St. Columba Friary: Work

St. Patrick Friary: Work


St. Pio Friary: St. Pio’s Open Doors

St. Fidelis Friary: Friar Benet’s Kitchen

St. Columba Friary: Evangelisation at Schools

St. Patrick Friary: Youth Group


St. Pio Friary: Bible Study/Prayer Meeting

St. Fidelis Friary: Prayer Meeting/Outreach

St. Columba Friary: Prayer Ministry/Street Evangelisation

St. Patrick Friary: Youth Ministry/Evangelisation

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