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The friars form a brotherhood of men consecrated to Christ and His Church.The Lord calls them personally into a fraternity of brothers to bear witness to the “voice of Christ.”The Friars come from various backgrounds and cultures: American, Canadian, Nigerian, French, German, Korean, and Polish.
The story of how each friar was called to the community is unique, but the thread that joins them together is the same:  “Go, sell all that you have and come, follow me.” (Mark 10: 21)
He sent you (cf Tob 13:4) into the whole world, so that by word and work you may give testimony to His voice and make all know, that "there is no Omnipotent besides Him" (cf Tob 13:4). ”(St Francis of Assisi, Letter to the Entire Order, 5)



Limerick franciscans

Limerick franciscans


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