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Discernment Retreats are available regularly throughout the region. The retreats involve a 5-day visit to a friary where the visitor can simply experience the regular life of the Friars. The visit is supplemented with helpful inputs on Prayer, and Discernment. For more information contact the vocation team at 
Visits to Friaries, however, are available at any time depending upon availability. Please contact a local friary to inquire about the possibility of a visit for prayer, to help in one of our apostolates, or to get to know the Friars.
Regional Discernment Retreats:


Dear brothers, 

We hope and pray that the current Pandemic will only lead us deeper to the LORD of all. 


I am planning on a few Come & See visits here in the European Region either in the UK or Ireland for the following dates:

for the rest of 2021 only two more retreats, 

November 10-14, December 15th-19, 

and in  February 9-13, 2022


If you need any more information or if you are interested in one of these visits or a different time to come and meet us please contact me.

Radical Sons Going Deeper

This is a retreat only for Christian men already in relationship with the Lord, a regular prayer life with The Living Word, and desire to grow in their identity as Son’s of the Good Father through prayer and putting it into action.

Online retreat for men under 40 (over 18) [some exceptions can be made]

Semi-Silent at home & online committing about 4-5 hours a day to prayer, input, and guidance by the Friars of the Renewal.

The retreat will begin the evening of Friday May 1st, the feast of St Joseph the Worker. We will be finishing on Monday the 4th about midday, with one preparatory meeting on a Wed Evening the 22nd of April around 8pm.

A donation to our community would be a great blessing to us of either basic needs of food or a monetary donation.

The deadline to register is April 20th so I can be prepared for our meeting on the 22nd


All Meetings will be online using Zoom & timings are in the UK Timezone.

Any questions please call, not email, Br Angelo 01274 721 989 option 2.


please answer the following questions and send your reply to me Br Angelo

I will hold a "spot" for you once you have registered.


Please answer the following in a short answer form.

  1. Name, age, email, phone number, and answer the following Q’s as they will help us to prepare, pray, & guide you in your prayer weekend.

  2. How would you explain your prayer or your favourite ways to pray?

  3. Please share one or two of your favourite scriptures? The ones you find yourself returning to over and over.

  4. What is the LORD, as best as you can tell, been doing in your life, & prayer?

  5. What do you hope to receive from this retreat?