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Discernment Retreats are available regularly throughout the region. The retreats involve a 5-day visit to a friary where the visitor can simply experience the regular life of the Friars. The visit is supplemented with helpful inputs on Prayer, and Discernment. For more information contact the vocation team at 
Visits to Friaries, however, are available at any time depending upon availability. Please contact a local friary to inquire about the possibility of a visit for prayer, to help in one of our apostolates, or to get to know the Friars.
Regional Discernment Retreats:


Dear brothers a few great events coming up:


In Germany the GIG Festivals with our Brother Pater Paulus, 

look it up here:


Or in France:


Find the new Film "Brother"

I am planning on a few Come & See visits here in the European Region either in the UK or Ireland for the following dates:

The next Come & See is August 10th to 14th. Please email me if you are interested. 


If you need any more information or if you are interested in one of these visits or a different time to come and meet us please contact me.

Radical Sons Going Deeper

This is a retreat only for Christian men already in relationship with the Lord, a regular prayer life with The Living Word, and desire to grow in their identity as Son’s of the Good Father through prayer and putting it into action.

Men's Wilderness Ignatian Retreat

July 18-22 Worth Abbey Huts, England.

Click here for more info: