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The friars are concerned for all people as children of God and beloved of Christ.They pray and work for the salvation of all human persons...considering always that Christ the Lord, drew everyone to himself when he was lifted up on the Cross. (CFR Constitutions, 76)


Some of the most poor and vulnerable persons are those who are in crisis pregnancies or those suffering the trauma of an abortion. The friars seek to bring the mercy and healing of Christ to those affected by abortion and the culture that often surrounds this difficult reality of modern society.


It is common that friars help facilitate Rachel’s Vineyard retreats for men and women affected by abortion. They also seek to pray and bear public witness to the sanctity of human life wherever it is being threatened and wherever it needs support and encouragement.


For more information regarding Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats click the link below:


For more information regarding the Birmingham March for Life


“Through their prayers, public witness, and solidarity with the unborn, the elderly, and all those whose lives are threatened by death as the proposed solution to problems, the friars seek to uphold the dignity of every human being.” (CFR Constitutions, 76)

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