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From the Vocation Director:

In The Church especially among young adults desiring to follow Jesus there are two major buzz words…Vocation & Discernment! Often the questions around these two words there can be a lot of fear and confusion, and even to think we must have it all worked out. Well, when we listen to some of our popes talk about these two words we hear that it is not true at all. Pope Benedict XVI said that every vocation is born from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He also said at a World Youth Day, & even to us today, “Your vocation is to be listeners.” To add a few other ideas from our Popes, Saint John Paul the Great said the deepest ache of the heart is to be in the arms of our Father, and Pope Francis really clarified this for me when He said on Pentecost a few years ago, “The Primordial Vocation is to be a child of God.”

So we must rest in Our Heaven Father as we listen to His call to be His son, all given to us through Jesus!

Our invitation today and for everyday as John Paul II says, “is to return daily… especially of the prodigal son, to the arms of the Father.” First, we must learn to live as sons of the Most High God and Father. Secondly, He will teach us how to listen and follow His First Beloved Son Jesus Christ; and not just to our vocation here on earth but all the way to Heaven.

So next time you feel fear or pressure around these words…Vocation & Discernment remember that today you are called to be His Beloved Son.

Let us pray for the Freedom of the sons of God.

I am here to support you and encourage you in your discernment and your walk with the Lord as you grow in & learn to enjoy your sonship.

You are in my prayers and in the prayers of the Friars.

“May the Lord give you his peace.”

In Jesus and St. Francis,


Br Angelo LeFever, CFR

Vocation Director, European Region  


“Do not be afraid to follow Christ along the royal road of the Cross.”  (St. John Paul II, World Youth Day, Toronto 2002)

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